SAN JOSE, CA 95125

OFFICE 408-998-4360 FAX 408-998-4363

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Lic. #734084


Customer Service 

Natalie is our customer service coordinator; She makes all the appointments and coordinates the repairs with Carlos Medeiros who is in charge of customer service, Carlos can be reached at 408-640-6519 or by email: carlosm@crdrywall.com Natalie can be reached at 408-998-4360 or by email: natalie@crdrywall.com


Manuela is our Chief Fanancial Officer; She oversees the business operations, Manuela can be reached by phone at 408-998-4360 or by email: manuela@crdrywall.com

Genese is our on staff accountant; She does our accounting, month end close, in-house auditing and is executive assistant to Manuela. Genese can be reached at   408-998-4360 or by email: genese@crdrywall.com



Mary Jo is our office manager; She takes care of pay role and day to day operations in the office, she is Carlos and Manuela’s right hand. She can be reached at408-998-4360 or by email: maryjo@crdrywall.com

Office Manager

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